Paolo Zelati


Location: LIGNANO NOIR 2018

Date: SEPTEMBER 2018

..The exhibition offers a unique journey to discover the noir genre through famous and very rare photo envelopes made in Italy, part of the heritage of the collector Paolo Zelati. An exhibition not to be missed, which offers the story of an era and a film production and which includes pieces now unavailable such as photobustas for The Blue Dahlia (1946), Cat People (1943), Casablanca (1942), Sunset Blvd (1951), then Classics as Gilda (1946), Postman Always Rings Twice (1946) and finally some very hard to find titles as The Glass Key (1947) and Double Indemnity (1947)...

Extract from the Festival program

unnamed.jpg 48711065723_b834368338_o.jpg 27489739967_771b3f1bb4_o.jpg 28486379678_a147aab216_o.jpg 40552414010_4142a21230_o.jpg 48711046003_ea9617814b_o.jpg 48711552422_a2829c6f3e_o.jpg 48711555312_52725dba11_o.jpg IMG_5127.JPG KGTD7903.JPG

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